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Who We Are

Viewpoint Foundation was established in 2001 to support the Van Wielingen family’s philanthropic initiatives. Viewpoint Foundation and the Van Wielingen family have committed almost $20 million to more than 100 charitable organizations. Most of these gifts have been made to 20 key initiatives, however support has been given to a variety of causes in Canada and abroad. Today, an additional $15 million is available in the Foundation for future philanthropic initiatives.

Vision & Principles

To be responsible and impactful stewards of philanthropic capital.



We primarily focus on local, Calgary-based initiatives with an emphasis on supporting unique, innovative programs that are transformational for the organizations involved.



All strategic community investments are led by a passionate champion in the Foundation. We maintain a flexible giving approach, allowing us to respond to changing passions and factors. 



We feel an obligation to have a courageous and entrepreneurial mindset in our approach to philanthropy. We take a thoughtful approach to our giving, making large investments in a small number of projects. 



We regularly engage with our community partners and work with them to define a process for accountability and impact assessment so that they can ultimately achieve their organizational goals and objectives.

Our Team

Karen Macdonald,


Cat Van Wielingen


Jessica Ratushniak

Research Assistant

Viewpoint Foundation operates with a five-member Board of Directors whose key role is to guide the long-term success of the Foundation. The Board has the responsibility to oversee the business of the Foundation and to supervise management. The Board meets quarterly to review the financial, investment and granting decisions.

What We Fund

In all donations and partnerships, we strive to support organizations and initiatives that are contributing to positive and meaningful change in the lives and wellness of our community. We have donated to a variety of causes which promote education, advanced leadership, entrepreneurship, community wellness and the arts.

  • Ethical Leadership education

  • arts

  • mental health

  • other community initiatives

Canadian Centre for Advanced Leadership

Haskayne School of Business

Viewpoint is an original founder of CCAL. Witnessing the massive corporate failure that took place in the 2008/2009 financial crisis, Mac Van Wielingen felt strongly that we needed a higher level of leadership in business and was compelled to create CCAL with this mission. Van Wielingen continues to be involved as the Chair of the CCAL external advisory committee, and members of the Viewpoint Foundation contribute knowledge and expertise on the advisory committee.

Creative Destruction Lab

Viewpoint Foundation supports the Creative Destruction Lab, a seed-stage program helping science-based companies move from the lab to massively scaled commercial operation. The program employs an objectives-based mentoring process aiming to support Canadian entrepreneurs and scientists in maximizing value creation, and educates MBA students across the country by gaining real-world experience in the venture space.

Viewpoint Circle for Dialogue

Haskayne School of Business

The Viewpoint Foundation supports the Haskayne Capital Expansion Project and the construction of Mathison Hall. In recognition of this support, the striking round room will be named the Viewpoint Circle for Dialogue. An architecturally stunning space, the room floats in the centre of the new Mathison Hall and will become an instantly recognizable destination for its circular design that brings its occupants together like no other indoor environment can.

The circular design of the room captures the spirit of intention to hear and comprehend perspectives from diverse backgrounds and different positions. This design will help participants to reach new understanding, to have higher levels of trust, and to support a higher probability of successful decisions and effective actions.” - Mac Van Wielingen

Insights and Publications

Learn more about ethical leadership and the community partners we support. 



"Thanks to Viewpoint Foundation, there is a vibrant and colorful mural that backdrops the Adam Van Wielingen Stage on the busiest floor at the Calgary Drop-In Centre.

For the DI, this space represents tranquility, hope and courage, and when music plays on the Adam Van Wielingen Stage, you can feel the energy shift in the room. It’s as though there is a communal refocusing; a nostalgic wave is brought on by a song, a familiar groove fills the airwaves, and for a moment, there’s a reprieve from life’s struggles."

MOMENTUM // Brian Hill

"Viewpoint’s investment and engagement through Momentum have made a mark on our city.

Viewpoint stepped up as one of the first private funders of the Start Smart RESP program. Over the years, their investments have helped open over 3,000 RESPs for kids in our city. Calgary now has the second highest uptake rate of RRSPs among low income families in the country. Through the Job Boost microloan pilot program, Viewpoint funding has helped provide 59 loans to people seeking to overcome financial barriers to better employment. We have been able to test, tweak, and learn from this new microloan program thanks to funders like Viewpoint. And finally, when demand spiked for us during the recession, Viewpoint invested to help respond to the growing interest in our economic empowerment programming. The Viewpoint Foundation is thoughtful and strategic about investing in game-changing initiatives help make our city great for everyone."


"Viewpoint has been a long time, dedicated champion of Boys & Girls Clubs of Calgary.

With their continued support of our annual Splash of Red gala, Viewpoint Foundation has helped us serve Calgary’s most vulnerable youth along their journey to end their experience with homelessness. With their passion for leadership development, Viewpoint Foundation has helped Boys & Girls Clubs of Calgary implement programming which focuses on children and youth and their development as young leaders."


"Viewpoint Foundation and the Van Wielingen family have been long-time supporters of United Way of Calgary and Area.

One of the things that makes their investments special is a vision to innovate new solutions. They were early investors in All In For Youth (AIFY) and were lead donors with the Financial Stability Initiative that evolved into Financial Empowerment. AIFY continues to build on successes year after year and continues to have a transformative impact on Calgary youth graduating from high school and going on to build good lives. Viewpoint’s focus on leadership and innovation, and their commitment to the Calgary community has benefited many throughout our city and we are grateful to continue to work with them in creating lasting social change."


"Viewpoint Foundation's lead investment and continued commitment to the Canadian Centre for Advanced Leadership in Business has made a profound impact on the students of the Haskayne School of Business, and on our faculty, staff and community. Through the Viewpoint gift, we have been able to recruit Canada’s most promising leadership professors, advance research in leadership and grow our connections with the community through meaningful mentorships, case competitions and events. We are transforming the student experience, infusing out-of-the-box leadership development opportunities into every student’s journey to impart critical leadership skills with each student. Simply put, Viewpoint Foundation’s philanthropic leadership inspires us to be better and do better.”

KARIMAH // Artist in the AE West Program, National Music Centre

"I want to give a HUGE thank you for the Viewpoint Foundation's support of the program.  Because of my participation in AE West, I am more confident and equipped than ever before. The information and experiences provided in the program are having an amazing impact on my music career trajectory for 2019....The journey of growing as a creator and professional is a tumultuous and rewarding one. Even though I work as a "solo" artist, I recognize that my story and my successes depend on thousands of people who have touched my life. Thanks so much for being part of my story."


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